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Dr. Hemanta Adhikary, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Adhikary's research is primarily focused on the systematic development of peptide-based KMT and KDM inhibitors for their potential use in cancer treatment. Dr. Adhikary is also interested in the role of PRMT proteins in DNA damage and repair.

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Viktoria Xing, B.Sc., B.Eng.

M.Sc. Candidate

Vikoria's research explores the in vitro and in vivo functions of an uncharacterized methyl-binding domain (agenet; tudor-like) in the FMRP protein and its potential role in Parkinson's disease. She is a co-supervised student with Dr. Shawn Hayley. 


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Ryan Collins, B.Sc.

M.Sc. Candidate

Ryan's research is based on the systematic identification and characterization of new MLL4/WRAD KMT substrates. Ryan is exploring the role that MLL4/WRAD facilitates in DNA damage repair through dynamic substrate methylation. 



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Zena Mankel

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Elyn Rowe

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Le Tri Dung

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Mitchell Jeffs

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